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Design an eSport News Portal Template

Step one:

Were going to start from top to bottom so we can show all images in tutorial window. Try to follow along and keep up with the right locations.
Start with a 1010px x 1800px white canvas.
Create a new layer-set called Background. Set your foreground color to #353535 and background #000000.
In a new layer make a 1010px x 255px selection from the top of the canvas. Apply a linear gradient in the selection.

Step two:

In a new layer, make a selection below the gradient space and across your canvas with a height of 47px. Fill this selection with black ink using bucket tool.
Again make the same height selection below the first selection and fill with
Another selection with #C7C7C7 . and the last of the set #F5F5F5 .

Step three:

In a new layer, draw a while 1px line across the canvas. Set layerˇ¦s opacity level to 14%.
Duplicate line layer, move 2px up and edit layerˇ¦s opacity level to 10%.

Step four:

Create a new layer-set called Header. In a new layer insert your website name using the following font settings: Font Eurostile, Bold, 24pt, Sharp and #0066FC color ink.
Position top left.
Add the following layer styles: Gradient Overlay.
Add your slogan below the name.

Step five:

Next to the logo will be a Leaderboard (728 x 90) advertisements.

Step six:

Make a new layer-set called Navigation links.
In a new layer draw a black rectangle across the canvas with height of 28px.
In a new layer draw 1px lines on the top and bottom of the black rectangle. Set layerˇ¦s opacity level to 6%.

Step seven:

In a new layer draw a #00488B rectangle.
Add the following layer styles: Inner Shadow, Stroke.
Set layerˇ¦s blending mode to Darken.

Step One / Step Two / Step Three


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