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Design a Professional Design Studio Web Template in Adobe Photoshop

Step one

Start with a 1000 x 700 pixels, white canvas. Set your foreground color to white and background to #A9EDFF. Choose your gradient tool from your tool windows and apply a linear gradient effect on your canvas.

Step two

Save the stock photo below and add it on the top of your canvas.

Step three

Select your rounded rectangle tool from your tools window then set the radius setting to 10 pixels. In a new layer draw a 632 x 595 pixels, #2D2D2D rounded rectangle.
Apply a Stroke layer style.

Step four

In your layers window create a new layer set, name it Navigation. Now in a new layer create a 112 x 20 pixels, #2D2D2D rounded rectangle. Apply an Inner Shadow and Gradient Overlay layer styles

Step five

Using your text tool type home as your first navigation. Use font Arial, bold, 11 pt, none and white for color.

Step six

Complete your navigation system.

Step seven

Just below your navigation system add a who we are section. Be organize and place all your section in its own layer set. Use font Arial, bold, 16 pt, none and #FF0096 for color. For the content use the same font style but 10 pt and #9E9E9E for color.

Step eight

Below your who we are section add your service summary. The shade of blue used in this section is #A6EDFF.

Step nine

Using your text tool type in service overview. Now add the check icon, again with your text tool type a using font Webdings, 11 pt, none and #A6EDFF for color.
Select your pencil tool, in a new layer draw a 2 pixels, #343434 border around service overview.

Step ten

Add an announcement section on the center of your canvas.

Step One / Step Two


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